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SNOW ORDINANCE: Most Following But Some Need Reminder


The City of Des Moines issued a new ordinance to allow wider plows to make their way through residential streets.

Overall, Public Works says people are following the rules but there are some who need a reminder.

The ordinance requires people to remove their cars from residential streets as soon as two inches of snow accumulates.

Police issued just over 2,000 warnings to residents failing to do so.

Five neighborhoods are restricted to odd or even parking during plowing operations.

Those neighborhoods are Carpenter, Drake, Drake Park, River Bend, and Sherman Hill.

254 warnings were issued on those streets.

“It’s just about a little education on this ordinance. Once people are better educated, they will be able to participate better during our next snow storm,” said Public Works officer, Chuck Burelle.

Future violations will cost drivers $35 dollars.

An extension for Des Moines residents to clear their sidewalks ended Monday.

A citation carries a $50 fine for the first offense.

More information on the ordinance can be found at www.dmgov.org.


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