ADOPTION MEASURE: Controversial Law Passes

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Earlier this year an Iowa adoption organization was forced to close after one Russian region put a hold on American-bound adoptions.

Camp Hope had facilitated the adoptions of 175 Russian children since the year 2000 until it shut down last spring.

There is now little hope of the camp reviving.

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin says he plans to sign a national measure banning the adoption of Russian children by US families.

“So far I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t be signing it, although I have to see the final draft and weigh everything.”

Russia’s Upper House of parliament unanimously approved the controversial measure Wednesday.

The legislation could affect hundreds of American families seeking to adopt. Adoption rates were as high as 5,800 in 2004, with numbers declining as uncertainty increased in recent years.

The Department of State describes the move as legislation that, “will needlessly remove the opportunity for hundreds of Russian orphans to join loving families each year.” 

The move is widely seen as retaliation for a law President Obama signed earlier this month that imposes US travel and financial restrictions on human rights abusers in Russia.