BUSINESS BOOST: Snow, Cold Drives Cars To The Shop

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The winter weather and packed ice left on the roads is making extra work for some businesses. Auto repair shops say they are seeing their usual post-snow business increase.

At West-side Auto Pros in Clive mechanics say they have been busiest with dead batteries. On Thursday, customers had to wait nearly two hours to have their cars jump started by the repair shop’s mobile unit.

Mechanics recommend preventative maintenance before the snow and cold strike in order to save you time and money when the repair shops get busy.

“Have your battery tested. If it shows that it’s even weak, replace it and avoid the headache. Have your spark plugs inspected and measured. If the gap on them is worn and isn’t sparking as hot as it should be, replace that,” owner Ron Haugen said.

Problems with alignment and damaged tires are also common this time of year due to the bumpy roads.

Repair shops recommend making sure your tires have enough tread or investing in snow tires.