HOSTESS BUILDING: Preserving Historical Structure

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A Waterloo Wonder Bread bakery was forced to close its doors last month with the bankruptcy of Hostess.

Now some people are worried about what will happen to the historic building.

“So many of the Waterloo historical buildings have been lost over the years,” says historical activist Ann Olsson, “so this is just one we’d like to try and keep and keep the façade,  at least the facade of the building.”

Local historians are trying to save the building from demolition.

Earlier this week they passed a non-binding resolution encouraging the future owner to preserve it.

They say maintaining a building’s historical integrity is worth it despite the expense.

“I think tourism is the most important thing. People tend to go to places that say this is a historic property. This is a town that has a lot of historic value. Look at Galena, Illinois, this is a place people go to because they love the buildings, they love the homes, and there’s lots of interesting things to do. I think if we want to attract businesses, there has to be some little niche that we can fit into in order to make it attractive for people to come and visit.”

It might be a while before the building is sold.

Right now, Hostess says it’s focused on settling its debts.