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MURPHY’S LAW: Christmas in Muscatine, Arielle Sighting, Already Forgotten

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By Chris Hassel

As I was wrapping some presents on Christmas Eve at the in-laws, I stumbled upon a closet in the basement with a gold mine of vintage baseball caps. My father-in-law has memorabilia that blows me away every time I set foot in his house. One hat in particular caught my eye. A 1985 St. Louis Cardinals World Series hat. I sent a picture of it as a joke to Andy (because the Cards got beat by the Royals that year). Then he told me he wanted the hat. He’s not getting it!



I wish more bowl games were played on or around Christmas. As I visited with family on the 25th and 26th, it would’ve been nice to have a game on in the background. Instead my dad put on “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” (an old Don Knott’s film). I like the movie but it drove my wife to bed within the first 15 minutes — and it was only 7:30pm. 

I received a lot of great stuff for Christmas. My family has always spoiled me. I’ve been so busy seeing friends and family over the last few days that I haven’t even had time to play my new NBA and NHL ps3 games. It’s going to be a long night. 

A couple old friends and I got together at the local watering hole in Muscatine, Thursday night. One of the TV’s was set to the FOX station in the Quad-Cities. I glanced at it and saw a familiar face doing the weather forecast. It was Channel 13 Meteorologist, Arielle Nixon! Before the guys go all crazy and worry that she may have traded in Des Moines for the QC, don’t worry. Arielle told me she’s just helping out our sister station over the holidays. She’s staying at a hotel/casino. I hope she didn’t receive much cash for Christmas. 

I announced my departure for ESPN two weeks ago and Keith has already forgotten about me. As I was waiting to hear the final installment of “Chris Hassel Theatre” on the Murph n Andy show, Friday, it never came. I sent Andrew Downs (the show’s producer) a text asking if I had missed it and he told me that Keith had forgotten about it. It seems Murph has already begun the process of blocking me out of his memory.