MORNING BUZZ: Before We Go Over the Calendar Cliff

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Good Morning and Happy New Year’s Eve!  I hope your holiday was filled with family and friends.

Right to the News…We have a Fiscal Cliff looming


So the negotiations continue today to avoid the fiscal cliff.  Do you think The President “wants” us to go over the cliff as some Republicans claim?  Is it The Republicans hoping for the automatic spending cuts?  Is any of this going to matter?    

Cliff 2

I have a question for the Democrats who decided picketing Chuck Grassley’s office would get the Fiscal Cliff negotiations moving.  What about Sen Harkin’s office?  Doesn’t his party control the US Senate?  Get out there and picket the entire Congressional delegation and its lack of progress on the issue.  


Does anyone care that Kim Kardashian is pregnant?  I don’t.  She’s already proven she is more interested in getting herself in front of a camera than she is in pretty much anything else…sooo, that should make her a good mother.  


It was a good week off.  We had non-stop company for the week and managed more than a few meals out of our kitchen.  Sally was a trooper working to get a lot of it done before company arrived.  

Highlights under the tree included new stationary for me (thank you notes are on the way), some CHinos (someone explain the difference between a Chino and Khakis), A new iPhone case, and watching my own kids open their gifts.  We didn’t overdo it… we got the boys a couple of toys that they really wanted.  

We went to see the New Bond movie and that was good.  I slept a lot…that was a requirement of this break, and I ate a lot of good food.  

I hope you all are looking forward to a good New Year’s Celebration.  Don’t forget Noon Year’s Eve at SCI and ImaginEve at The Events Center.  Both are really good alternatives for families!  Have a great day!

See you Next Year!