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CYBER THIEVES: Family Searches For Stolen I-Pod

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A local family is using technology to try to track down the person who stole their I-pod.

About a week ago, Stacie Hesterberg of West Des Moines had her I-pod stolen from her purse. A few days later, her husband noticed it was being used. They were able to see increased usage on the I-Cloud account they had set up to share pictures and messages.

So the Hesterbergs sent messages of their own, asking whoever has the I-pod to return it. Those messages were deleted. Now, whoever has the I-pod is taking pictures that are being automatically uploaded to the family’s I-cloud account.

The Hesterberg’s don’t want to call the police. Instead, they want the people who have the I-pod to contact them.

"I see them as troubled children that they need God in their life and they need to be reached out to. That's above and beyond everything else. They'd be welcome to go to church with us. They'd be welcome to eat dinner with us. I would welcome them." Stacie Hesterberg says, "They have chosen a path that's not good and I would like to offer them a path that could be better."

The Hesterbergs want whoever has the I-pod to contact them using the device. Their next step, they say, is to call police.