CIVIL LAWSUIT: Plummer Back To Court

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An Urbandale man accused of trying to kill an Iowa City Police Officer now faces a civil lawsuit.

Sergeant Brian Krei is suing 21-year-old Branden Plummer for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.
Plummer was initially charged with attempted murder for a November 2011 incident where police say he punched Officer Krei, pushed his head into the concrete, and choked him until he lost consciousness.

In September 2012 Plummer plead guilty to willful injury as part of a plea deal and served 60 days in jail.  Plummer and his attorney tried to get the judge to defer the felony and clear his record of the serious charge, but the judge denied the request.

According to the lawsuit filed in Johnson County District Court Officer Krei hopes to set an example and keep others from similar actions. Krei says in the lawsuit, “Branden Leo Plummer’s actions constitute willful and wanton disregard for the rights and safety of another.”