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Did you have some time off over the holidays?  If so – what did you do?

I actually spent quite a bit of time working out.  I had to, since I was stuffing so much high-calorie food in my mouth all the time.

Sonya and I have had several meetings with trainer Irene McCormick since we stopping taping the “Team 13 Challenge” and they’ve been brutal – just what we need!

If you missed recent segments because of the holidays, here they are:

Workout #4 is a hybrid of #1 and #2, and Workout #5 uses resistance bands in conjunction with interval training.

If you just want to laugh at us (and all the goofy stuff we’ve tried this year) photojournalist Randy Schumacher put together these hilarious year-enders to run on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

If you go through phases of getting fit and trim and feeling good about yourself, you may also notice that you want to do other “self-maintenance”.  While enjoying my days off, Sonya talked me in to getting my nose hair waxed.  For real.  My friend Addie Palmer did it for me.  Michael was there – looking at me like I was NUTS!!!  If you’ve never witnessed this procedure, watch this video and go to 2:30  and 4:06.  It didn’t hurt – it just felt weird.  I’ve never had anything else on my body waxed before so I have nothing to compare this to.  I know people who’ve had arms, legs, armpits, upper lip, chin, bikini area … you name it, they’ve waxed it.  Have you ever anything waxed?  Keep your answers clean, people.  :)

Happy Friday!!!!