FATAL CRASH: Helicopter Wreckage Removed

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The investigation continues into what caused a Mercy North Iowa medical helicopter to crash killing three people Wednesday night.

NTSB investigators finished their on scene work Friday morning. Then heavy trucks came in to pick up the wreckage of the aircraft and lift it on to a trailer for removal.

Meanwhile some co-workers of the crash victims waded into deep snow to plant their own memorial to their fallen co-workers.

“I didn’t know the pilot but I did know the medic and nurse. They were good friends of ours and it’s been a really tough week for everybody. It’s important that everybody knows how wonderful these people were and they  gave everything for everyone,” said Shannon Furst of Clear Lake.

Authorities on scene say all emergency personnel who worked the accident were asked to attend a counseling session on Thursday night.  The helicopter crew worked with many local rescue crews, so many of the people who responded to the crash were friends of the victims.