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MURPHY’S LAW: Dogs Down, Bears Fans Nightmare, Liberty Bowl Trip

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By: John Sears

The Drake mens basketball team is in serious trouble.  6-8 overall, already 0-3 in the Missouri Valley conference.  Tonight they lost to Missouri State, the Bears were 3-11 before beating the Dogs.  Things don’t look good for Mark Phelps’ crew.  They had their sights set on the postseason, at this point I’m not sure they will be playing in ANY postseason tournament, let alone even finish with a winning record.  Something needs to change, and change fast. 

I have a bad feeling about the Iowa-Michigan game Sunday morning.  Bad feeling, as in it could get ugly. 

Is there anything worse for a Bears fan than having to root for Green Bay to help Chicago in to the playoffs?  Not only did GB lose to Minnesota and the Vikings madebears the playoffs, now the 2 hated rivals met in the first round.  The good news, someone had to lose, the bad news, someone had to win.  Packers rolled, they get San Fran next week. 

I returned in 1 piece from the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN despite major problems with the charter buses we went down on.  Overall a solid experience.  I always laugh when people ask what I did for fun while on the trip, as if it were a vacation.  They forget the reason I’m there is to cover the atmosphere and the experience, which is non-stop everyday.  Big thanks to photog Brandon McCauley, helped me get a lot of good stories turned around for the sportscasts. Too bad the game was a dud. 

Memphis BBQ = Good, but maybe a little overrated.

Best of luck to Chris Hassel at ESPN.  It’s been a fun 6 months working with Chris.  hassel cooterYou’d be hard pressed to find someone more talented, in all areas.  The work he does is pretty incredible.  I have no doubt he will do big things at the Mothership.  Good luck Chris, Cooney’s just won’t be the same!