GAS PRICES: Experts Say Gas Will Rise

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The New Year has Iowans planning their budgets and one of the most hard to predict costs is the price of gas.

It’s something most of us end up doing every week or so.

So when gas prices drop, some drivers don’t want to miss out.

“When we saw $2.93 we pulled it pretty quickly,” says Duane Headerlin of Dallas Center.

Hy-Vee Gas in Waukee was one of the lowest around and people didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the savings.

“I’m on a budget and it’s really nice because I have a Jeep and my car inhales gas, and before I was spending $60 or $70 dollars a week on gas so it’s definitely been nice,” says Lindsey Ralston of Grimes.

 Gas nationwide hit a 2012 low at the end of December and the lower rates continued into the New Year. However, but experts say they won’t be around for long.

Experts predict prices will gradually increase through April and top out about seventy five cents higher than now.

“That’s going to be a bit hard on the budget to say the least,” says Headerlin.

Iowa’s still more than a quarter below the national average, but that’s little relief if prices go back up.

“It would make a huge difference, because I drive all over town and go through a lot of gas,” says Ralston.

Refinery shutdowns and reduced production were two main reason prices spiked in 2012 and could be the same reason they start to climb this year.

For now those filling up are just glad to be pocketing the extra cash while they still can.

“Anytime we can save a little bit of money even if it’s below the three dollar mark, my wife is an accountant, so we’re always looking to save a little bit of money where we can,” says Headerlin.

A year ago in the metro gas sold for $3.22