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LOTTERY WINNERS: Legislation Allowing Anonymity In Two States

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Iowa’s newest millionaires came forward this year, sharing news of their life changing winnings with the world.

According to Iowa Lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer, the big announcement isn’t an option, it’s a requirement.

“That information is public so people will have that faith that the game is run with integrity,” said Neubauer.

Fearing winners can become victims of scams or receive unwanted attention from the public, lawmakers in Michigan and New Jersey are proposing privacy bills for the 2013 session.

If approved, they would become the latest states allowing anonymity to winners.

“It’s something that has come up in the past couple of years. It has to do with the internet, social media, and the way information spreads so quickly,” Neubauer told Channel 13 News.

So far, no such bills are on the docket here in Iowa.

State Representative Kevin Koester who sits on a committee overseeing the Iowa Lottery admits lawmakers are aware of what’s being proposed in other states.

“Relative to the Iowa Lottery in this session, there’s more likely to be investigation into online gambling which is allowable than changing the transparency of winners,” said Koester.

However, Koester says the rules are there for a reason.

“It just creates more trust knowing who won this thing isn’t an insider, rather we see and meet through the media who these winners are,” Koester told Channel 13 News.