MURPHY’S LAW: Wolverine Beatdown, Super Bowl picks, Boxes, boxes boxes

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By: John Sears

Holy what the heck happened in Ann Arbor???  First off let me say Michigan is for real.  As of right now they are the best team in the Big 10, hands down.  They very well might be the best team in the country.  The Wolves likely have 3 first round NBA draft picks on their roster.  Athletes, bigs, best PG in the country, they have it all.

As for Iowa, I didn’t expect the Hawks to win at Michigan, in fact in my blog from Saturday night I said it was going to get ugly, it did.  The most disappointing of the game part is the fact that Iowa gave up on defense in the 2nd half.  For the first 15 mins of the fran madgame they looked pretty good, had the lead, etc.  The problem right now is they have trouble keeping that energy/effort level up for 40 minutes.  I still think Iowa can make the NCAA tournament.  Their schedule is front-loaded with good teams so if they can somehow salvage a 3-4 record in their first 7 Big 10 games they will be just fine.  Big game Thursday against Michigan State.

Does Iowa State still have a team?  It seems like the Cyclones haven’t played in 3 weeks…Just checked the schedule, Big 12 opener on Wednesday at Kansas.  Good luck.

My Super Bowl picks are San Francisco and Denver.  After the wildcard weekend, those picks haven’t changed.

Ray Lewis is a perfect example of how America can totally forgive past mistakes.  Remember when Lewis was charged with double murder?  He plead down to obstruction of justice, now he’s beloved by all football fans.  golf flag

It was a little windy at the first PGA golf tournament of the season.  See picture —>

Does unpacking after moving ever end?  I swear I unpack/organize for hours, then look around and feel like I’ve done nothing.  Moving sucks, unpacking takes forever, I can’t wait till it’s all done.