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OLIVE BRANCH: Democrats Want Bipartisanship

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State lawmakers will gavel in the 2013 legislative session a week from Monday.

Before the session officially begins, House Democrats met to lay out their priorities.

Democrats, who have the minority in the House, say their main goal in 2013 is to strengthen the middle class by building a highly-skilled workforce and reducing commercial property taxes without shifting the burden to homeowners or farmers.

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, says other priorities include education reform, and increasing the use of renewable energy. 

McCarthy says democrats’ goals are on par with those of Republicans.

“The result of the recent election, which were a mixed results, really sent a message to us that voters want us to work together so we’re already reaching out to our Republican colleagues to see if we can have some bipartisanship sponsorship on some of these pieces of legislation.”

The 85th legislative session starts Monday January 14th.