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SNOW WANTED: Farmers Worried

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It’s only the beginning of winter and one group says they hope for more snow in the forecast.

Farmers say after the summer’s drought the soil needs moisture.  Last month’s blizzard helped but they say they need a lot more.

This winter season was off to a snowy start with the blizzard that hit the state.

But for farmer, Phil Fuhr, that’s not enough, “I would say we still need 8 to 10 inches of moisture to alleviate the dry soil we have going into next year.”

After three disappointing corn crops in a row 2013 will be essential to rebuilding crop inventories.

“Last year was pretty severe drought. It was varying, it varied from region to region some area’s caught a little bit of rain. Some caught very little.”

For some farmers they barely survived, “We caught just enough to get us through the growing season and the temperatures did break later in the summer and we did get a little more moisture.”

Because of that dry weather farmers are hoping to make up for it. They would prefer rain but will take whatever they can get.

“Snow is a good source of moisture and as long as the ground is able to suck up all that moisture in the spring when it melts.”

He says some farmers are going to have to do things differently, like growing less crop and buying more crop insurance.

“They don’t want to go into a dry year knowing that we could have a back to back drought year.”

They’re hoping Mother Nature gives them what they want, “We need this moisture now more than ever.”

According to Farm Futures survey, farmers are planning to grow more corn and less soy beans this year.