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AURORA SHOOTING: Iowan Killed In Colorado

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Over the weekend, the Colorado town devastated by a massacre at a movie theater, was again rocked by tragedy.

Three people were shot to death in an Aurora townhome early Saturday morning and one of the dead was an Iowan.

The Daily Freeman-Journal out of Webster City reports 20-year-old Stacie Philbrook died in the shooting. Her sister, Stephanie Philbrook-Archuletta, was able to escape the scene where her husband allegedly shot Stacie and two others.

Stacie and Stephanie are the daughters of Greg Philbrook of Kamrar.

Police say 33-year-old Sonny Archuletta shot and killed Stacie, her stepfather, 56-year-old Anthony Ticali, and family friend 33-year-old Christopher Ratliffe.

Police later shot and killed Archuletta during a six-hour standoff. They say Archuletta fired several shots at officers during the standoff.

Investigators are still trying to figure out why it happened, but Archuletta’s family members say he suffered from depression after the shooting death of his brother back in September of 2011.¬†

Those close to victim Christopher Ratliffe, a father of five, say they are traumatized.

Archuletta’s wife, Stephanie, is not ready to talk about the tragedy. Police say she escaped through a second floor window after seeing the shooting firsthand.

Investigators say they’re still waiting to go over toxicology and autopsy results.

They say that should shed more light on what could have caused this tragedy.