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DEADLY STANDOFF: Iowa Native Killed In Colorado

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An Iowa native is the only survivor of a deadly standoff in Aurora, Colorado.  Stephanie Philbrook Archuleta made it out alive, but her sister and three others, including the gunman, didn't. 

Neighbors say they heard gunshots just before 3:30 Saturday morning.  Police say when they arrived on scene, they had information of three “lifeless bodies” inside the home.  33-year-old Sonny Archuleta barricaded himself inside for six hours.

"We kept persisting on him coming out, on his surrendering. He did not and then he came to a second story window with a gun and fired upon us a second time,” says Aurora Police Sgt. Cassidee Carlson.

That's when officers returned fire and hit Archuleta.  He was found dead, along with 20-year-old Stacie Philbrook, her stepfather and a family friend.

“It`s just unbelievable,” says Art Philbrook of Webster City.  He is the sisters` great uncle.

“It’s just a real shock.  A tragedy,” says his wife, Barb Philbrook.

The Philbrooks say Stacie and Stephanie moved to Colorado to live near their mother.  They remain close to their father who lives in Kamrar.

“You just are at loss, you just don`t know what to do,” says Barb.

While police try to make sense of the crime scene in Colorado, family members back in Iowa are waiting for answers hundreds of miles away.

“You`d like to do something to take the hurt away, but there just isn`t.  It`s going to be awfully hard for everyone to go through.”

The family says the sister's father, Greg, is in Colorado.  Both sisters were in Iowa about a month ago for their grandma's funeral.