EDUCATION POLICY: Group Gives Iowa “F”


A national group is giving Iowa a failing grade on education policies but says all states need reforms.

StudentsFirst released a state-by-state report card Monday.

Iowa was given an F, which a score of 58-percent for its policies.

While Iowa performed poorly, it wasn’t the only state to get a bad grade. Two-thirds of states got a D or F. The highest score a state received was a B minus.

One of the areas the advocacy group focused on was teachers.

“We know teachers change lives they change outcomes for students in a very significant way. So we want to make sure that the right policies are in place so schools and districts can do all that they can to attract, to retain, to reward the very best teachers and keep them in the classroom where students need them the most,” says Eric Lerum, VP of National Policy for StudentsFirst.

The report suggests Iowa would benefit from performance pay for teachers. It also suggests a stronger evaluation system for educators.

The organization says it’ll update its state report cards annually to help states better laws and policies.

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