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EDUCATION REFORM: What Do Future Employers Want

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State lawmakers are getting advice on remaking the classrooms of the future from businesses thinking about who they want to hire.  

Dozens of people gathered in Downtown Des Moines for the Business Summit to Drive Education Reform. The long name doesn’t reflect their simple goal, to better teach Iowa students, so they will one day make better employees.

Brandon Busteed may not be a name that stands out in a crowd for many people, but he's the Education Director for Gallup the worldwide polling company that always has a question for you. Busteed wants less focus on testing, more focus on passionate teachers engaging students with individualized lesson plans and the goal of making them believe in success.

 “We have this expression in our country. Hope ain't a strategy. How many of you use that? Nix it. Hope is a strategy,” he said.

Iowa education, business and political leaders hope what they heard at the summit will give them a better strategy for schooling Iowa students.

Governor Branstad says to better attract and train teachers he wants to increase their starting pay from $28,000 to $35,000 and let them do more of their continued learning online.