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FUN RUINED: Vandals Cause Rink To Close

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Boone residents looking to get some ice skating in before the ice melts are in for disappointment.

The Boone Parks Department was hoping their picturesque rink might last another week even given this warm spell, but Sunday night; someone cut off the lock on the water spigot, turned it on, and sent warm water flowing down the hill.  By morning, there was no choice but to close the rink.

Director of Park and Recreation John Rouse was dismayed saying, “What enjoyment did you get out of it? It couldn`t have been fun.”

Many Boone residents are again shaking their heads, the rink and the cemetery not far up the trail have fallen victim to vandals several times before.

In September, over 100 headstones were knocked over in the cemetery.  Two years ago, someone broke into the warming house and threw the skates, stereo and microwave into the pond.  Another time, they burned down the kaibo.

Police have no leads, and Boone has little hope of getting its skating pond back this year. 

If you have any information about the vandalism please call the Boone Police Department.