MURPHY’S LAW: RG3 Wobbles, Ponder This, Musburger Advice

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I don’t fault Robert Griffin III for staying in the game when he was hurt. Competitors want to play, and with adrenaline, they’ll either think they’re okay, or say they are. Coaches sometimes have to save players from themselves. RG3 was wobbly early, and it kept getting worse. Leading Seattle 14-0 would have been right time to turn it over to Kirk Cousins. Griffin was clearly injured right before the second touchdown, and he was never the same again.¬†

Russell Wilson has one factor keeping him from being a bigger story. He plays in Seattle.

Christian Ponder has never been more appreciated by Vikings fans. One game of Joe Webb was all it took. Webb was put in a tough spot, and he did not overachieve.

I picked the Packers vs Patriots in the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season. I’m not changing now. Can’t wait to see Manning vs Brady in the AFC Championship. Again.

The Ravens celebrated like they won the Super Bowl. I know it was for Ray Lewis’ final home game, but it means Baltimore won’t show up strong at Denver. Lewis loved all the attention. If he didn’t, he would have waited until after the Ravens final game to tell everyone he’s done.

Has anyone who was once charged with a double murder ever rehabbed his image more than Ray Lewis? The gushing at his final home game made it sound like Lewis is a role model for our times. (Lewis was cleared of murder charges in exchange for a plea bargain of obstruction of justice. He testified against two friends. Both were acquitted. The white suit Lewis wore the night of the stabbings has never been found. [CNN])

Nick Saban will pocket a $310,000 bonus when Alabama wins the BCS Championship. Saban has a mini-dynasty going at Alabama. He almost looks happy.

Inspired by the girlfriend of Alabama QB AJ McCarron, Brent Musburger had some advice for all young football players watching the title game. Brent urged the kids to play catch with dad, become a good quarterback, and have the pick of all the great-looking women. If Brent ever does play-by-play for a rock concert, he can give this same commentary.


Katherine Webb (Miss Alabama) and Bama QB AJ McCarron (BroBible)

What football programs–all time–belong on Mt Rushmore? Alabama and Notre Dame are no-doubters. I think Oklahoma and USC belong too. I could also argue for Texas, Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan. Not an easy question.

A Wall Street Journal article shows the value of BCS football programs, if they were sold like NFL franchises. #1 is Texas with a value of $761 million. Michigan second at $731 million. No surprises at the top. Iowa checks in at 11 with estimated value of $384 million. No wonder Kirk Ferentz makes so much money. Iowa is ahead of Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Penn State, to name a few. Iowa State is 41st at $140 million. Among other things, the study shows why college football is driving all decisions.

My wife and I watched season 1 of Homeland in one week. Dang, that’s a good show. Need season 2 now.