NAME CHANGE: Des Moines Performing Arts

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The Civic Center of Greater Des Moines hopes a makeover will help the arts for years to come. 

Three metro performing arts centers will all operate under the same umbrella; the Civic Center, Stoner Theater and Temple Theater, but soon they’ll all fall under one name, Des Moines Performing Arts.

Each building will remain the same; it will just be under the new image.

Since the Civic Center opened in 1979, the venue has hosted more than 7,800 performances.

President and CEO, Jeff Chelesvig hopes the unified image will help position Des Moines as a national leader for performing arts.

“We decided that Des Moines Performing Arts really speaks to what we are, we are a performing arts center, we do a lot of different programing that appeals to a lot of different people, and we serve a wide variety of people from all across the state.’

During the past 34-years in operation, more than 8.5-million people have watched a performance at one of the three venues.