STRANGE VISITOR: Man Enters School Unnoticed

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Parents in Indianola are questioning the district's commitment to safety after a man was able to get into the high school unnoticed.  

In the wake of the shooting in Newtown Connecticut schools across Iowa vowed to review their security measures. The Indianola Community School District was one of them. They issued a news release saying, "We will continue to be vigilant in our efforts to keep our schools safe."  It continued with "as we continue to upgrade and renovate our school buildings, building security has been a top priority."

With that commitment to safety and security a recent incident caught many parents off-guard.

Forty-five-year-old Steven "Jack" Stout found his way into Indianola High School and managed to wander the halls and even enter into a classroom before school officials escorted him out.

The school principal described him as confused.

Concerned parents and community members met Monday to talk about the next step for their school’s safety.

Parent Robert Curtis said, “now we have to worry about someone coming into our schools, doing violence and hurting our children, that`s a new worry for everyone, from law enforcement, to parents, to the legislature. “

Stout has had other minor run-ins with police in the past, but Police said he left school property without disturbance and wasn't considered a threat.