BOND PROJECTS: Jester Park Renovations

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In November, Polk County voters approved a plan to borrow $50 million to improve parks, lakes, rivers and streams. But now the details of one of the projects are taking some voters by surprise.

“I don’t have a disagreement with this particular bond. It’s just how the appropriations were handled, how we’ve been informed,” said Deb Ferjak.

Deb Ferjak said that the newly proposed entry way for Jester Park is just one of the projects that caught her off guard. She explained that the details, and the price tags, are not what she had in mind when she originally voted for the $50-million dollar bond.

But Polk County officials say none of their plans should be surprising. The Polk County Conservation Board said they've had the master plan up on their website for almost five years and they’ve held public hearings and one-on-one meetings.

Ferjak says her other big concern is safety. While Polk County officials say the current south entrance poses dangers for drivers traveling through the park. Ferjak, a long time neighbor and visitor of Jester Park, argued that the newly proposed west entrance would offer an even more dangerous route.

“You’re motoring around here with a big old truck and camper or 15 foot motor home, you come through that curve, now you have to get ready and get over because there’s another curve coming.

Ferjak says that route isn’t just filled with several different turns, it is also very narrow.

A public hearing is scheduled Wednesday night at 6:30 at Jester Park Lodge in Granger.