BOWLING BIRTHDAY: Still Rolling Strikes At 90

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It’s her 90th birthday, so we figured Mary Risolvato’s friends in the bowling league would plan something special…

“We have a little queen’s hat for her and a sash for her to wear,” said Marlene Williams.

…and we knew they’d have something nice to say…

“She’s a lovely lady,” said Colleen Torgerson.

We knew that Mary would say that bowling every week was part of her secret to a long life…

“It keeps me active!” she laughed.

Right…and we figured she’d sit down and have a cold one or two…

“You can’t bowl without drinking beer!” Risolvato said.

“She’ll have her mug of beer, just like everybody else,” said Williams.

“You ask just about anybody," Risolvato said, "beer…and bowling!”

What we weren’t sure of is how she’d do once she picked up that 12-pound ball…in front of friends and strangers…and a TV camera…she rolled a strike.

And we should’ve known better.  Risolvato’s been slammin’ ‘em for 72 years…54 here at Val Lanes.

Bowling is what she does.

“In the winter time," she laughed, "I fish in the summertime.”

She’s surrounded by people who can really roll...and maybe that’s why she’s not wild about discussing her game.

“Uh…my average at the end of our last session wasn’t as great, it was a 117,” Risolvato said sheepishly.

If she’s not impressed, she’s the only one who isn’t…

“To be able to bowl at 90 years old and still carry that average is tremendous,” Williams said.

“It’s amazing," Torgerson said, "it’s really nice.”

And it deserves one more look: Mary Risolvato—still rolling after all these years.