CHILD ARRESTED: Victim Forgives Shooter

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Three people are under arrest after a September shooting in Ankeny, where a 12-year old boy was shot in the head.

It's hard to say which is more remarkable. The fact that 12-year old Michael Wells survived a gunshot to the head. Or that he's willing to forgive the people who police say are responsible. "Life is really too short for you to hate people and when you hold grudges all it does is make you more mad." Michael says.

Back in September, Michael was at a house in Ankeny when police say he got into an argument with another 12-year old boy over a girl. Investigators say that boy got a .38-caliber revolver out of a bedroom closet and shot Michael in the forehead.The bullet went in right above his right eye and went out the back of his head.

Now the 12-year old accused of pulling the trigger is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. And the two people accused of leaving that weapon where the child could get it are also being charged. "Time was on our side in the sense that Michael was getting better and he was able to speak with us about the incident so the longer we waited the more info we got from him." says Ankeny Police Lt. Ben Bowersox.

"I'm glad somebody's being held for what's happened." says Michael's mother, Tina Wells. "I don't wish anything bad on the family and I don't hate them but somebody needed to be held responsible"

Forty-five-year old Vickie Beckman and her 45-year old boyfriend, Charles Toomer, who both lived in the home where Michael was shot, were charged with making a loaded firearm available to a child under 14. We are not releasing the name of the 12-year old suspect because of his age.

There is a benefit fund in Michael's name to help the family pay for medical bills. To donate bring a check payable to the Michael Wells Benefit to any Wells Fargo Bank.