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DRIFT TIME: Taylor Morris Drives Like Ken Block

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On a recent trip back to his home state Military veteran Taylor Morris got to test out his snow-driving skills.  It was Morris’ first time behind the wheel since losing both legs and parts of both arms in Afghanistan 8-months ago.

According to the website Morris’ girlfriend, Danielle updates to chronicle his recovery, the pair traveled to Iowa for the holidays to visit family and friends. While Danielle was spending time with her own family Morris’ friends strapped him into the car and headed out to the snowy roads to see how well the quadruple amputee could drift.

Morris and his friends decided to create a little video of their snow drifting excursion with the hope they could get professional rally car driver Ken Block to take Morris for a ride.

The guys knew there were some safety concerns so says they had a plan, “they developed a safe word for times of emergency. When the safe word was screamed the passenger would throw the stick to neutral and pull the e-brake and hold on for dear life! The safe word had to be used multiple times to save the out of control vehicle,” Danielle said.  

On Tuesday, Morris got the response he was looking for from Block. "Yo Taylor Morris, I've had a lot of friends and fans send me your snow drifting video.  Nice work!  So, you got some time to take a ride in my Ford Festiva racecar?"

Morris will join Block next month for a race in the southern Missouri.