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ICY WALKWAYS: Watch Your Step

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Officials with Iowa Health System Hospitals say the weather is keeping Doctor’s busy. Methodist, Lutheran and Methodist West have seen dozens of people who have fallen on the ice and injured themselves.

None of the incidents resulted in serious injuries, but a broken arm, broken wrist or bruised tailbone is certainly painful.

Since the weather has gotten warmer during the day the melted ice re-freezes overnight and catches unsuspecting victims. Doctors are urging everyone to be cautious when they step outside.

“We talk about falls and people say- oh, you get a sprained wrist. But, especially as people get older, our population 65 and older, falls are the leading cause of non-medical deaths,” explained Karen Jones with Iowa Methodist.

Hospital officials advise taking advantage of the warm weather by sweeping away slush on your sidewalks before it re-freezes at night.

They also remind everyone to wear shoes with good tread, and just give yourself extra time to get to where you’re going.