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ROUGH LANDING: Balloon Nuptials Scary End

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Jonathan Narcisse is always relieved to get back on the ground. The Des Moines newspaper publisher and talk show regular never has been a fan of flying. But when love calls, he said he had to answer. Narcisse said he courted his new bride, Kerin, for 7 years before it led to their month-long engagement. She wanted to get married in a hot air balloon. So the two planned a ceremony high above San Diego, California. Narcisse said he and his bride had just exchanged their vows and admired the scenic view when they abruptly felt something wrong. Narcisse said, "It all happened so fast. One minute we're saying our vows."

But then, the next minute, Narcisse's 8-person wedding party got jarred as the balloon's basket hit the ground. Narcisse said it was at least the third attempt from the pilot to land after missing the initial landing spot. The wedding guest tumbled backwards in the basket. The balloon came down on top of a house, hit a tree and rested against a fence with the frightened wedding guests clinging to the balloon's basket, worried what's next. Narcisse said, "I thought we gotta hurry up and get out because we were on the slope and had anything happened, there was still the potential for the basket to slide down the hill."

The group all scrambled out safely. Narcisse was thankful no one was seriously hurt and relieved neither was his rented tux. It was quite an adventure for a man who agreed to the ceremony even though he's terrified of heights. He said, "When you're in love you just say yes. And thankful that she didn't ask me to space jump or something."

Now they will have a wedding day story that will rise above all others with the
hopes their marriage will go much smoother than that landing.