WEDDING CRASHER: Narcisse In Balloon Crash

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A former Des Moines school board member now has an amazing story to tell about his wedding after the hot air balloon he and his bride had just exchanged vows in crashed in California.

Jonathan Narcisse, a former gubernatorial candidate who ran as an independent in 2010, was in a hot air balloon carrying 12 other people Monday when it crashed into a chain link fence just west of Interstate 15 in Rancho Penasquitos, California.

Narcisse says things began to go wrong after the kiss to seal the nuptials,

“And then it was beautiful and then we just kept trying to land and couldn’t and the next thing you know we’re crashing into a fence and fell on a tree. I said Jesus about four or five thousand times. I’ve got six or seven generations of Narcisse protecting me.”

Only one person reported minor injuries in the crash.