BUS ACCIDENT: Pella Teen To Make Full Recovery

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A Pella teen run over by a school bus earlier this week will soon leave the hospital on crutches.  Monday afternoon, 16-year-old Abby Fyfe tripped and fell in the path of a school bus.

“When they say she's been run over by a bus, you really just expect the worse,” says Stephen Fyfe, Abby’s Dad.

When he saw his daughter, his relief was instant and indescribable.

“My left leg is fine.  It's just my right one,” says Abby Fyfe.

The junior at Pella High School broke her leg in four places.  Doctors had to place a rod in one of the bones because it was a spiral fracture.  Being laid up in a hospital bed isn`t easy for a girl who runs Cross Country and Track.

“I really like running and  it's hard that I'm not going to be able for a while,” she says.

Abby is expected to make a full recovery.  That isn’t the only blessing the family has received in the last 48 hours.

“There were people I barely knew posting stuff like 'we're praying for you' and then I saw on our Cross Country page my coach had posted something, and 500 people had liked it,” says Abby.

All the well-wishes on Facebook took her by surprise.

“It's pretty cool knowing people are praying for me especially how much worse it could have been.  I mean, I got run over by a bus,” she says.

Abby is expected to be released from the hospital this week and could return to school as early as next week.  But she won't be running anytime soon. 

“She will be able to run again,” says dad, Stephen.  She's just a very blessed, very blessed girl.”