LEGISLATIVE PREVIEW: Some Bills Already Filed

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The 2013 legislative session begins Monday and lawmakers will be able to get right to work.

More than 30 bills are already filed and waiting for the legislature to act. Lawmakers have seen some of the proposals in past sessions, but new ideas are on the table, as well.

“The priorities this session are going to be making sure that we have Iowans working again and at jobs that can pay a living wage, that our children and our work force have quality education and opportunities available to them,” said State Senator Pam Jochum.

“I know some of the priorities for senate republicans moving forward is obviously commercial property tax, and to continue to focus on balancing the budget and managing the budget,” said State Senator Rick Bertrand.

Many lawmakers share similar priorities for this upcoming session- the budget being one of those. But for those with other issues on their minds, the earlier they file their bills the better.

“Once session starts things obviously move a lot more quickly, and if we have ideas, if there’s bills we know we want to put it lets go ahead and get them done sooner, but they don`t get any sort of priority treatment or anything,” said Representative Chris Hagenow.

“There’s certain bills that come up every year and there’s always hope that this time it will get a fair hearing, or a full hearing and hope springs eternal around here,” said Senator Pam Jochum.

Lawmakers say regardless of how many times a bill has been introduced, each session is different.

“I think when you bring in new members and different bodies you get different angles in and you maybe move forward,” Senator Rick Bertrand said.