MORNING BUZZ: Guns, The Game, and Yard Sale

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I meant to write this in the morning when I went home…

I was headed home early to get the kids so Sally could get to an early meeting.  I’d just spent two hours reminding people to be careful about walking to and from buildings in parking lots as there would be some re-freeze from the melting…Apparently I didn’t listen to myself.  I took two steps outside the front door of the studios and Bam!  My right foot slipped out from under me…my backpack and coffee mug went flying and I went down two or three stairs before I could stop myself. Aside from a little bit of a road rash on my hand I am OK.  I did my best imitation of a one man game of Twister so who knows how sore I’m going to be.  The thing I can laugh about now is how mad you get at no one in particular when something like this happens to you.  Embarrassment leads quickly to a feeling of “C’MON!”…and then you realized no one saw you fall.  So I spread a little sand and salt on the stairs and went about my day.  


The story of the young man who was shot in the head after an argument over a girl here in Central Iowa highlights one more time that this conversation we are having over guns is about a lot more than high-capacity clips and assault rifles.  How are we raising kids who think it’s OK to solve whatever happens with a gun?

I’m glad to hear the NRA is going to participate.  The group’s response to the shootings was a PR nightmare.  Why isn’t it OK for the NRA to say we should revisit and discuss how we live the Second Amendment here in the United States.  Why is that a surrender? Why isn’t this a way for the NRA to show its leadership in expanding safety measures for every gun owner?  

I just don’t buy the argument “The Government is coming for my guns”.  It allows you to be lumped in with people who believe we didn’t land on the Moon instead of someone who chooses to defend their right to legally and responsibly own a gun. 

The Game

Today was back to work for me.  I took Tuesday off so I could stay up and watch Notre Dame in the National Championship game.  I doubt too many Notre Dame fans were surprised at the outcome…even the fact that ND got blown out.  I wasn’t.  it was still good to see the program back at a high level.  They’ll get better but until Notre Dame starts scheduling better teams they are going to run into this kind of thrashing at the end of the year.  The service academies are a nice tradition but shouldn’t be on Notre Dame’s schedule.  I was talking to a friend and he pointed out…when this year’s schedule was made (three or four years ago) Oklahoma, USC, Michigan, Miami…all seemed like good games.  Turned out the Schedule was just weak.  I had a great time down at Court Ave Brew with a couple of friends.  I enjoyed one of their special brews called “Grapes of Wrath”  It’s a French Farmhouse Ale…aged in a wine cask I guess.  It was really good…get a glass if you are down there any time soon.  

I used the day off the get through an extensive Honey-Do list which is always nice.  After chaotic Holiday we are getting things back to normal at our house.  

I hope you are too.

Have a great day!