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NEW LIGHT: Alliant To Switch To LED

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Streetlights around the state are going to shine a little brighter over the next few years.

Alliant Energy announced plans to use LED bulbs in their 44,000 streetlights across the state.

Alliant says the majority of streetlights are powered with 100-watt bulbs, but as those burn out they will replace them with 80-watt LED bulbs.

They expect the transformation will take about seven years.

Estimates show once all the bulbs are changed almost 9 million kilowatt-hours will be saved compared to the average home which uses 10,000 kilowatt-hours per year.

Besides being more energy–efficient the only major difference Iowans will notice is the color of the light. LED lights produce a truer white than regular bulbs which have a yellow hue.


Some streetlights in Cedar Rapids have already been changed, Alliant tested out the bulbs there before deciding to take the project to all their lights.