SHOOTING ARREST: Child Not Allowed To Return Home

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The 12-year-old boy charged with shooting another 12-year-old in the head is not being allowed to return to his home.

Because of his age, we aren’t releasing his name, but he was charged Tuesday with felony reckless use of a firearm. Police believe he shot Michael Wells in the head in September during an argument over a girl.

Wells survived the gunshot and is currently going through daily rehab to learn to walk again.

On Wednesday, a Polk County Judge ruled that the 12-year-old shooter be turned over to the Youth Emergency Services and Shelter. The Judge said that neither of the relatives in his current home think he did anything wrong and he has not received any counseling since the shooting.

The child’s mother, 45-year-old Vickie Beckman and her boyfriend 45-year-old Charles Toomer were also charged Tuesday. They face serious misdemeanor charges of making a loaded firearm available to a child under 14.