BRADLEY’S BATTLE: Metro Bar Helps Family

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Despite being on the losing end of a battle with cancer, Bradley Allen’s story continues to inspire.

We first introduced you to Bradley two years ago when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He’s been able to beat the disease twice since then, but now it’s back and it’s spreading. Now his parents are trying to spend as much time with him as they can, taking time off work to do family activities with their son.

Bradley’s family has been sharing his story on Facebook with updates on how the little boy is doing gathering thousands of ‘likes’.

Those Facebook posts inspired two metro bartenders to raise money for the boy they’ve never even met.  The bartenders at the Yankee Clipper in Ankeny donated all of their tips to help the Allen family with expenses.

The owners of the bar and restaurant also donated 10 percent of all sales to the family.

Bartender Jennifer Simonson says Bradley’s story moved her to help any way she could.

Simonson says she saw a lot of new faces tonight people who came in just to help out a family that’s been through a lot.