FEDERAL AUDIT: More Trouble For Schultz Voter Plan

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If a lawsuit and two public hearings on his plans to root out voter fraud weren’t enough, Secretary of State Matt Schultz is now facing a federal audit.

In the months leading up to the election, Secretary of State Matt Schultz announced a plan to compare a list of registered Iowa voters against a federal database to find voters who weren’t U.S. citizens. Those whose names were questioned would then be required to prove their citizenship before they were allowed to vote.

Schultz also had a DCI investigator assigned to his office in order to pursue illegal voters. Critics argue that Schultz paid the agent using funding from the federal Help America Vote Act and that grant money wasn’t intended for expenses like that.

Now the Inspector General of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and Iowa’s State Auditor are looking into the issue.

Schultz’s attorney has told the Inspector General that the Criminal Investigation into illegal voters should qualify for the grant money.

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