FLU EFFECTS: Hospitals Urge Use Of Urgent Care

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The flu is widespread in Iowa and Des Moines’ hospitals are urging those seeking treatment for it to avoid emergency rooms  – unless they’re experiencing a true medical emergency.

Mercy Medical Center, Iowa Health, and Broadlawns Medical Center are dealing with a large number of patients in their emergency rooms and very long wait times because of an increased number of influenza cases.

The hospitals are asking patients who think they have the flu and need treatment to visit urgent care facilities or walk-in clinics instead of going to the emergency room.

Mercy Medical Center and Iowa Health are also enacting restrictions on visitors in order to protect patients, families, and health care professionals. Patients can only receive two visitors at a time and visitors need to be at least 18-years-old. Exceptions may be made for critically-ill patients of end-of-life situations.

Local clinics for Iowa Health can be found here.

Local clinics for Mercy can be found here.

Local clinics for Broadlawn’s can be found here.