MORNING BUZZ: Dads, Good Effort and Ornery

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Good Morning!

After my spill outside the front door yesterday, the girls were giving me a hard time this morning about how many times we said to be careful…right before I slipped!  

Well, a viewer who emailed a few weeks ago to tell me I looked like I was “going to snap” emailed again to say she spoke too quickly…that she saw Brooke and Jeriann giving me a hard time and understood why I looked like I was going to snap!  Well as I said, I am actually not close to snapping…just a little high strung…and Brooke and Jeriann have nothing to do with that.  Just some good fun.  Jeriann wanted me to remind this viewer that she really is a nice person…I can confirm those allegations about Brooke and Jeriann.

The viewer also said Jeriann is “ornery”.  We then had a debate over the pronunciation.  See our Facebook post for what your fellow viewers see as the correct way to say the word.

Just some random stuff this morning.


What school wouldn’t be better off with more involved parents?  Norwalk is proving that with its group of Dads who patrol the halls and help out in the classroom.  They are a local version of a group started in Arkansas after the Jonesboro massacre.  They don’t carry guns and to hear everyone in that District talk…the school feels safer because of their presence.  Broader thinking about school safety is a good thing…and this is a good example.  

Not Going Home

The young man who pulled the trigger in the shooting of a 12 year-old will be released to Youth Emergency Shelter and Services instead of his family.  Apparently the family doesn’t think the boy did anything wrong!  What does the kid have to do to make you think they DID do something wrong?

Good Effort

I would have fouled with eight seconds left and a three point lead inside Phog Allen.  That’s just me.  I see Coach Hoiberg’s point but it would be much harder to manufacture a miss and a put back to tie than a three pointer to tie.  No one want to see Kansas lose more than  I.  I hope the game here in Ames is another classic.  

69 days to the NCAA Tournament and my annual trip to Vegas!  


The nominations are out this morning…Unlike most years I know of, and have actually seen a couple of the movies nominaed…and the ones I haven’t seen, I want to see!


A dear friend of my parents from Church died on New Year’s Day.  At her funeral a few days later, her family shared a personal creed she’d written 25 years ago.  I asked if I could share it with all of you.

                                                           MIMI’S CREED

                                                            I believe in God,

My Mother, My Father

My Sister, My Friend.

I believe in God’s creation

My sustenance

My responsibility

I believe in people – women, men, and children,

-who have revealed and continue to reveal the myriad dimensions of God to me

-who lead me to find God in myself.

I believe in the journey,

-that is life

– that is sustained by God’s love

-that I take, holding hands with others

I believe that it is only with the support of a loving, caring community that I will at the end of my life come

Whole and alone

To God 

 Hope you all have a great day!