RADON THREAT: Awareness Month

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More homeowners are starting to take action about something in your home that could harm your health.

It's radon awareness month.

Governor Branstad will sign the radon month proclamation Thursday afternoon at the State Capitol.

For years, groups have been raising awareness about the odorless gas and the danger it could pose in your home.

Randy Rupiper is a radon mitigation specialist with AmeriServe Radon Mitigation. The company removes radon from homes around the state.

Radon is a radioactive gas you can't see, smell or taste, but it can be in your home.

That the EPA says it is the second leading cause of lung cancer. About 7 out of 10 Iowa homes have it.

There are two ways to test for it. One is with an at home kit that costs $10 to $15 from a big-box store.

Typically, you place two canisters on the lowest level of your home for two days, and then mail it back with a $30 lab fee.

The American Lung Association also sells kits for $12.

If you need instant results, companies like AmeriServe will bring a continuous radon monitor to test your home for $125.

Rupiper says more homeowners, especially homebuyers, are taking action. He says, "The big thing for us is in the real estate market. It's not a law yet, but it's something the realtors are to disclose to buyers that it is a potential problem with their home."

It will cost $1,200 to $1,400 to have your home mitigated to get rid of the radon. The EPA recommends testing your home every two years.