ERIN OFF CAMERA: Did You Get Popped?

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Did you get spanked as a kid?

Do you (or did you) spank your children?

I always enjoy Register reporter Lee Rood’s Reader’s Watchdog column and this article about corporal punishment is no exception.

I’m curious what you think about this specific case, and what you think about corporal punishment in general.

I can’t speak to this issue as a parent, but I did get permission from my mom to tell you that I did get spanked as a kid.  Or as she wrote to me in an email, “You have my permission to reveal your childhood traumas at the hands of your mother.”  Just to be clear – I was not “traumatized”.  When I got spanked or “popped” or received the infamous digging in of the long fingernails in my upper arm (by the way – that’s the one you use in places like Wal-Mart) – I deserved it.  

Christmas past

My parents didn’t take any crap from me.  They love me to pieces and spoiled me in many ways, but mouthing off and bad behavior (at home or at school) was always punished… sometimes with spanking, sometimes with losing privileges of some sort or being forced to do a chore I hated… but there were always consequences.

There’s your Friday night/weekend topic … let it fly!