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AMMUNITION LAW: Grassley Tentatively In Favor

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Senator Charles Grassley says he doesn’t see how the government can regulate video game content without violating the first amendment.

This comes after Vice President Joe Biden and his task force on gun violence met with representatives from the video game industry Friday.

Among those at the meeting were representatives from the makers of Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

The president appointed Biden to lead a task force to come up with ideas on curbing gun violence after the Newtown, CT shooting last month.

Thursday, Biden met with the national rifle association which opposes any new gun control measures.

Biden says he will deliver the group’s recommendations to the president on Tuesday.

But there is one likely Biden recommendation Grassley could agree with.

On a taping of IPTV’s Iowa Press on Friday, the Republican talked about a ban on high-capacity magazines for semi-automatic weapons.

When asked about ammunition size, he replied, “I think that’s a whole different issue and maybe that can be dealt without violating the second amendment but I want to see the legislation.”

Grassley also says he doesn’t think mental health checks can be required for all gun purchases because that could violate health privacy laws.