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BIG CRASH: Accident Cuts Gas Line Causing Big Mess

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An early morning crash caused a lot of damage and headaches for residents in the Woodland Heights area.

Police were called to a car accident around two this morning at the 3000 block of Woodland Avenue

Monica Lewis says she was just sitting down to watch a movie when she heard a loud bang.

“I ran into the other room and a peaked out the window and I saw a man trying to get in my house, so I really freaked out and I saw his car crashed in my house,” says Lewis.

28-year-old Andrew William McAninch had just crashed his SUV into her porch and was knocking on her door for help. He was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

“He was trying to get in my door, he kept trying to open my door, and he said I’m drunk and I’m going to jail, and I’m going to jail and he was sweating, and I tried to keep up with him but he ran and the police showed up and found him hiding in the bushes,” says Lewis.

McAninch allegedly drove his SUV into the apartment complex at 3008 Woodland Avenue knocking out the gas line before backing into the porch next door.

Tyler Hansen and his girlfriend were fast asleep in the apartments when they were woken up to get out because of the leak.

“We saw the damaged SUV over there and giant hole, the whole place reeked of gas,” says Hansen.

The driver hit the apartment so hard it cut the gas line and sent bricks into the laundry room and into the garage.

The damage nearly missed Hansen’s car, and fortunately left everyone uninjured.

“It was crazy that nothing bad happened through everything,” says Hansen.

The crash left a path of destruction behind and forced the apartment residents out for the night while repairs were being made.

The whole thing left Lewis so shaken she’s even staying away for a few days.

“I didn`t stay here last night, because I was too scared, and I’m only here now because I can see everything, but I probably won`t be back tonight either because it makes me nervous,” says Lewis.

Police records show McAninch’s blood alcohol content was more than double the legal limit.

This is McAninch’s second OWI arrest.