HOME IMPROVEMENTS: Homeowners Makeover Homes To Sell

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Iowa home sales ended on a high note last year, which has some homeowners looking to sell.

“As money is becoming more readily available, they’re starting to pay more attention to the important parts of their house,” says remodeler Rollie Clarkson.

Hundreds of homeowners were in search of ways to spruce up their homes at the Iowa Home Show.

Vendors there showed off their latest in home renovation.

Homeowners say they are investing money into smaller projects to help add value when it comes time to put it on the market.

Homeowner, Lynn Augspurger, agreed, “That’s kind of why we did some of the things we did, just in case we were to ever do anything in the future.”

Remodelers say if your tight on money but want to fix up your house to sell, focus on fixing up the kitchen and bathroom first.