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VACCINE AVAILABLE: WesleyLife Holds Saturday Flu Clinic

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In the metro, flu shots are hard to come by at local pharmacies and grocery stores. 

So Saturday, one local clinic that has plenty of the vaccine opened its doors in hopes of keeping metro residents healthy this winter.

Tina Larsen has spent weeks trying to find somewhere for her and her daughter to get vaccinated.

"We tried at Walgreens and they won't do it because she's underage and to get her flu shot at a doctor's office, we'd have to schedule an appointment," said Larsen.

Larsen said the most recent flu report which shows that 292 Iowans have been hospitalized with the disease in the past two weeks made her nervous.

"There has been twenty kids that have died from the flu. That does concern a parent and you don't want your kid to get sick," Larsen told Channel 13 News.

More than 100 central Iowans who stopped by WesleyLife for their Saturday flu clinic told similar stories.

Linda Peacock, a nurse with the clinic says it was planned last minute to make up for the shortage of the vaccine in the metro.

"I was surprised to hear the news that the vaccine was as patchy as it is because we have quite a bit of vaccine," Peacock said.

After filling out a simple form and paying their twenty dollars, patients received what experts say is the best defense against the flu.

However, studies show this year's vaccine is only about 60% effective.

"The remaining people who get the flu shot but still come down with the flu, they can expect their illness will be less than what it would be without a shot," Peacock told Channel 13 News.

That's enough for Larsen who says she gets vaccinated every year and has avoided the illness.

"I feel that it's pretty effective," said Larsen.

You can find where vaccines are available at this website.