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BIG DREAMS: Eddie Harvey’s Goal Is State Tourney

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FT. DODGE, Ia. -- Making the state tournament is the goal for any wrestler, but for one senior from Fort Dodge St. Edmond, making it to Wells Fargo would mean everything.

To the Harvey brothers, Vinnie, Teddie, and Eddie, wrestling is the only thing that matters.

But Eddie's life is vastly different from most 18-year-old's.  His life was changed forever 14-years-ago, when he was hit by a four-wheeler.

He had to be life-flighted to Des Moines, but remained in a coma.

Eddie survived, but while in the coma he essentially suffered a stroke, which now affects the entire right side of his body.

Now he's a varsity wrestler and has feeling in his right side, but not a lot of strength.  He walks with a limp, and can move his right arm, but can't grip anything.  Eddie is essentially wrestling with just one fully-functioning arm and leg.

"It’s tough for me to put it in to words how talented he is, its super talent what he can do," his Coach said.

"Just because he has a disability, he doesn't feel sorry for himself just goes out and does it as hard as he can," Teddie added.

"I think about if this wouldn't have happened if I would have been like them, ranked #1. I think about that every day, how different it would have been," Eddie said.

Seeing Eddie on the mat inspires everyone.  Getting his hand raised means everything.

"When he gets a win you just get that feeling in your body, there's something there," his coach said.

Whether he knows it or not, Eddie Harvey has already won.  Anything else from here on out, is icing on the cake.