FUN FACTS: Iowa Legislature By The Numbers

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On the first day of the 85th General Assembly of the Iowa House and Senate 149 members came to work. The 110 day session began 1 member short, because there is still a special election to be held in Northern Iowa next week.

Take a look at some interesting statistics on the folks Iowans chose to run the state:

  • Of the 149 members, 35 are women and 114 are men.
  • Despite the election, the balance of power in both chambers remains the same as last year. Republicans control the house, 53 to 46, and Democrats control the Senate, 26 to 24.   
  • Ten Iowa lawmakers have served more than eight terms, and 76 members have served two or fewer.  
  • At 22-years-old Johnston Representative Jake Highfill is the youngest member of the Iowa Legislature. Linn County Senator Wally Horn is the oldest at 79-years-old.
  • Just 29 lawmakers were born outside of Iowa.
  • Nearly all members have children.
  • When they’re not at statehouse, 57 members list their occupation as business or professional, and 35 are farmers.
  • Fifteen Iowa lawmakers have a high school diploma, but no college education.