HOUSE EXPLOSION: Couple Walks Out Without A Scratch

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"If they would have been in the kitchen or the bath, it would have been a whole different story," said Beaman resident, Dennis Sanderson.

Sanderson was watching television Sunday morning when he heard a blast from the house next door.

"The house shook. I knew it was my brother's house. I looked outside and saw the windows had all blasted out," Sanderson said. 

Sanderson immediately feared the worst.

He knew his brother bobby and sister-in-law Joni Sanderson were inside at the time of the explosion.

"I thought they were dead to tell you the truth," Sanderson told Channel 13 News.

The windows were lying the in the yard and glass flew everywhere. 

However, Bobbi and Joni not only survived the blast, they walked out of here without a scratch. 

Fire chief Bryan Moeller was amazed.

"They are very fortunate. That could have been a much worse explosion than it was," Moeller said.

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the explosion, but all signs point to a gas leak.

Fire fighters put out a small fire where the gas line entered the home.

"As far as returning to the home, I don't think that's going to be possible.," Sanderson told Channel 13 News.

For Sanderson, the bigger question is how his family was able to survive.

"They were sitting in the living room and say it blew them back," said Sanderson.

If he never gets an answer, that's okay.  

Dennis is just thankful they lived to tell about it.

"I saw my sister and hugged her because she was alive. Then I saw my brother and hugged him," said Sanderson.