LOCAL DISCUSSION: City Council Talks Gun Control

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“I had 20 people sign up overnight, it was literally three days since the shooting occurred,” said Zac Fox, a NRA Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer in Iowa. And since then, he said, his firearm classes haven't stopped filling up.

Fox said many people who apply for a carry permit and take his class do it for safety reasons, and to protect themselves. But lately, he said it's concerns over gun rights being taken away that is causing classes to fill up.

“They`re afraid if they don`t get the permit now, they won’t have the option for it later. So they`re worried about being grandfathered in per se,” said Fox.

Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie took part in a gun summit last week, and says the city needs to "start a discussion about" gun safety. That’s exactly what he got at Monday night’s city council meeting. A concerned citizen, Gabriel Mark Lanz from Des Moines, took the podium and addressed the mayor and council.

“My first question is does the United States have a constitution. My second question is did you take an oath to support both United States and Iowa constitution and all that is included in them. Does anything in that oath have a condition allowing for non-support for any particular part of that constitution?” said Lanz, “You don`t have to be a state Senator, Congress man or woman or have a political science degree to understand exactly how clear cut the second amendment is.”

After Lanz’s speech, Cownie responded: “We`re all looking to try to find a way to protect our people from tragedies that occur,” he said, “We who defend the rights of citizens in this city also think it’s important that a person that walks out of their house is going to church, school, the mall, is going to just walk down the street deserves to be every bit as safe as anybody else.”

Right now it's just a discussion, but city leaders say soon it will have to turn into decisions.

“I don`t want to take peoples right away to have guns. But I think there’s a couple measured things that we could do that would allow people to feel a little safer,” said Councilman Chris Coleman.